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You are a Natural Creator
Learn to Create Intentionally

How to work with me


Human Design

A 90 minutes Human Design Reading perfect for those who are new to Human Design or you know a little and want to to deeper. 

Child Reading in the Grass


2 hour sessions. I use hypnosis to help you access your Inner Child or Past Lives events, that are keeping you from creating the change that you want. If you just can't seem to create something you really want, regression work can really help you get unstuck!

Akashic Record Readings

A 60 minute reading where you can access the Akashic Records, AKA the Book of Life and access the wisdom of your Soul and its journey.

Open Book

1:1 Intuitive Coaching
2k for 3 months

If you are ready to create better relationships with yourself, your loved ones, your career, your business, and/or your body, I use my extensive toolbox full of amazing tools to help you heal your past, embrace your present, and connect to the Future Self you want to be.

Services: Services
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