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Hi! So glad you stopped by for a visit. You may be wondering what is an Intuitive Business Coach. Over the 10 years of being a coach, I have learned that we all have an inner guidance, and when we follow that intuitive guidance, our business begins to fall in place with ease. 

Hearing and following that inner guidance will help you develop a strong trusting connection with yourself. You see you think your life is linear and that your past, present and future are separate. The problem is when we think in this linear fashion, we tend to judge our past, and worry about our future. 

What I have learned is that our past, present and future are more like a trinity. When we let go of the judgements of our past, we are able to let go of worry about our future. This creates a powerful trio in that you can use the wisdom of your past, the power of your present and the insight of your future, to create a life you want. 

This trinity is when we find ourselves in flow, that space where we are so into what we are doing we lost track of time and space. 

It is also where we can tap into our inner guidance, our intuition, which allows us to tap into to the wisdom of our heart.

The ancients all agreed that our heart held the wisdom of the ages and even science is now recognizing that our heart holds amazing capabilities, including the ability to help you make powerful decisions.

For me, this ability to activate the trinity of my past, present and future, listen to my intuition and my heart, has created leaps and bounds in my business. When I was a health coach and I went from making $20K my first few years to making $100K in one year.

As. life coach I went from 0 clients to 9 clients in 2 weeks.

It can happen for you too.

All you need is someone to help you open your mind to the possibilities that are waiting inside you.

If you want to learn how to listen to your intuitive heart and build a business you love,

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