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You’re certified, you’ve opened your doors for business, but you are wondering, where are your clients!.”

I've been there. In fact I spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what I was missing but what I learned was I had everything I needed all along. I know that is hard to believe right now but you intuitively know what niche you want to coach, what next step feels right to you AND when you begin to listen to your intuitive nudges, your business will feel easier, more joyful and a lot less like work!



Hello I am Miriam and I help coaches learn to follow their own intuition, gain confidence and become the coach who will make 100K with ease.


You see, coaches are bombarded with all kinds of noise in the form of offer, advice, and even directives.

You're told you should have a niche, or maybe you shouldn't, but if you do it needs to be.....

So you choose a niche because you think it will make more money than the one you really want.

Then because you really are not aligned with your niche, you feel like your clients are not responding, you feel stuck, confused and you decide it must be your niche and you change again.

But here's the problem


The more you continue to change your mind, the more likely you are to quit and not get your brilliance into the world.


How do I know this? Because I had changing my niche and offer down to a fine art!


I kept choosing a niche because I thought it would sell, or because a leader said I should, but when I tried to market it, well my enthusiasm fell flat, and so did my consults.


When I finally decided to listen to my own intuition, I create a niche and offer that I loved.


When I loved my offer, I showed up authentically in my marketing, in fact I couldn't stop talking about it, and instead of feeling like I had to find my clients,

My clients started to find me.


So many coaches are caught up in this spiral of changing their niche and offer, looking for someone to help them figure out what is wrong with them,


and meanwhile they are going through time, energy and resources and so often they end up quitting and this breaks my heart.

So, first there is nothing wrong with you.


You are here for a reason. 

Do you think that the force that called you too coaching would not also give you all you need to reach your clients?

It's true.

Which is why I created the Intuitive 100K Mastermind, a group that helps coaches like you get clear, specific and create an offer you will love and can’t stop talking about.

A place where what you want matters.

A place where you are encouraged to follow your own inner guidance,

A place where you collaborate with other like-minded women,

Where you begin to open your mind to possibilities,

Where the synergy of the group brings out the expert in you

And you become the CEO of your business.


Because it is easier together,

And when we collaborate,


We all prosper.


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This group is not what I expected, it is so much better. I feel like every week I come and I am given permission to be me and that feels amazing!


This is unlike any group I have ever been in. This is not just a accountability group, this is a Think Take for coaches.


In one weekend, I went from not loving my offer, to feeling like I will never run out of ideas for my posts, reels or podcasts! It is true, that you will love your offer so much you will never want to change.


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You are here for a reason,
And you would not be given this desire to coach
without being given the steps you need to get there.

Miriam Ansley Life Coach

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If you want to learn how you can love your offer so much you never want to change again.

Wilmington NC

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