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The Life You Dream
of is Within  Reach

Miriam Ansley, Life Coach

The Life You Dream
of is Within  Reach

Miriam Ansley, Life Coach

The Life You Dream
of is Within  Reach

Miriam Ansley, Life Coach

Meet Miriam

Certified Life & Health

Did you know that everything you need is already within you?


You know the voice, the one that gives you gentle reminders,


The one you often wished you had listened to.


It was years before I realized that I had everything I needed.


The love, acceptance, and worth were inside of me.


You see, I lived a life that was riddled with negative self-talk, the feeling of unworthiness, and that I was not enough.


For years, I looked for validation that I was valuable outside of me


All my accomplishments, and failures, only seemed to compound my belief that happiness was not meant for me.


But then one day


I met someone who helped me see that it was my thoughts, feelings, and actions that kept me stuck in this cycle of unhappiness.


I felt like Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz, with her Ruby Slippers,


I had everything I needed all along,


I just was not aware that she was there.

Now, I live an inspired life that is full of love, laughter, and creativity.

Who I

work with

I work with women who are smart, successful, and from the outside everyone thinks they live a charmed life. They have been successful in creating success in many areas of their life, but in some areas, they just cannot seem to get traction.


  • You’ve read all the self-help books

  • You've listened to the podcasts

  • You have your list of things you need to do

  • But you just can't seem to follow through

  • You know you are meant for more, but it always seems to be just out of your reach

  • You are tired of waking up each morning to another day not living your purpose

If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place. You see, this was me, and I found the missing link. 

If you are ready to make a change, if you want more happiness, love and laughter in your life,

I will be your guide as you reconnect with your inner wisdom, your higher self.


The you that knows all your desires and how to accomplish them.


You will relearn the art of connecting with and trusting your higher-self,

The art of believing new things, because our thoughts create our experience.


So, you can live from a place of inspiration, clarity and purpose,


And create a life that inspires you.

The Results

You Will Get

The results you will get:

  • You will develop a clear focus of where you are going and ditch the old habit of changing the destination with every whim.

  • You will develop an intentional focused Future Self practice that fits easily into your day.

  • You will develop a strong vision of your Future Self, so you can see yourself already there.

  • You will connect your past, present and future self, so they will work in tandem for your best outcomes.

  • You will begin saying no to things that your Future Self would not want and Yes to those they would.

  • You will break out of old routines and habits that do not fit in your Future.

  • You will develop a stronger desire for the outcome and be willing to do the things!

  • You will be able to discern if the voice is your Future Self, or your sneaky brain

All along you had everything you needed

inside, you just were not aware...