Loving yourself is one of the most powerful mindfulness practices you can have.

One of the assignments I give to my clients is to describe who they are without any labels.

At first this is hard, because we use labels all the time and never really see ourselves. Often, they are confused, and don’t know where to start.

I get it, I was the same when I first did this exercise. I found it hard to think of who I was without being a mom, coach, nurse, daughter, sister, friend and so on.

In fact, most of us don’t even remember what we like any longer. We have been so conditioned to follow the trends, don’t rock the boat, and follow the crowd, that most of us don’t even know our favorite color.

But when we decide to dig in, we begin to really know who we are.

One of my clients, she described a beautiful dichotomy that richly described her where she is right now in her life.

She saw the good, and the bad….

I am not lazy, but sometimes I am

I am loving, but sometimes I am not

She felt like she was doing it wrong, but oh, her awareness of herself was powerful.

You see, her awareness of who she really is, will enable her to make genuine choices as she moves forward in her growth.

When you can see yourself and still chose to love you, as you are, dichotomy and all,

Then you can begin to create real sustainable growth.

This is when you can accomplish the goal that has been eluding you for years,

This is when you know, without a doubt, you have your own back.


Because you are fully aware, conscious, and willing to go into the not so pleasant places,

Because you are genuinely you.

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