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Be Yourself, the World Needs the Original Version of You!

Today in my meditation, I was reminded that I just need to be me.

You may think that is odd, but you see, the world likes to tell us who we are. You see it in movies, books, even on the back of your shampoo!

And, I know for me, somewhere along the way I lost who I really was.

I had an assignment in one of my coaching curriculums that required me to find a picture of me, as a child, when I still had that light in my eyes. I went on the search and noticed as I look at pictures, I could clearly see when the light began to fade.....when I stopped being me and started being who I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

As held the picture of the beaming little girl, with sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, my heart sunk. Tears ran down my cheeks, and I thought, "You have no idea what is coming..."

For a moment, I allowed myself to feel all the sadness I felt for this beautiful little girl. She had come to this world so full of hope, joy, laughter, and soon that would dim.

But then I began to really look at her and remember who she was, even long after this picture. You see as a child I really thought I could do anything!

She was playful, believed in magic, loved nature, animals, and climbing trees. She loved music, dancing, walking on the beach, and people.

She was determined and if someone said it "could not be done," then that was taken as a challenge to prove it could!

Then I began to see where all of the attributes still show up in my life. Sure, they are muffled, but they are still here.

Then I imagined what could happen, how my life would change, if I chose to simply be me.

What would happen if you looked at a picture of yourself when you still have that sparkle in your eyes? And can you see how the beautiful child you were is still showing up in your life?

You see, no matter what kind of life we had, we all had pain, disappointment, shame, and many other things, that began to slowly erode away our original being,

But you are still there.

Just like me, that child that was playful, happy, eager, and ready to take on the world, is living inside of you.

Possibly muffled.....

But still there.

Can you imagine for a moment how your life would change if you chose to simply be you?

I help my clients connect with their real selves, to choose to become the person they came to this earth to be, to tap into their inner wisdom, the one that knows who you are...

Just imagine for a moment what you could accomplish when you become that determined child again. Nothing would be impossible for you.....

Are you ready?

We are constantly becoming our Future Self, the question is, who will you become.

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