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You are just 4 simple steps away from your 100K Niche!

Feel so totally aligned with your niche that you never want to change again!

(By using 4 Simple Step to End Niche Drama 4Ever Biz Crash Course)

Stop leaving money on the table by hitting the submit button for your PDF that will lead you through a simple intuitive 4 step process that will clarify your purpose as a coach so you can start serving your clients and making money.


"Niche drama is one of the most common reasons for coaches not making money."

Miriam Ansley Life Coach

4 Simple Steps to End

Niche Drama 4-Ever

Here’s what you get


  • Video walking you through the process

  • PDF download with step-by-step instructions that can be completed in 20 minutes or less

  • My secret trick to connecting to your intuition in seconds.

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Get Access to an intimate supportive community

  • The Intuitive 100K Coach Facebook community – a private community with

    • Weekly workshops

    • Weekly Coaching Tips

    • Monthly CEO Think Tanks

    • Challenges, Prizes and More

What's Included

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How do you stop spinning in doubt and
discover your 100K niche?

Grab my 4 Simple Steps to End Niche Drama 4-Ever

You only need to do this one time


When you intuitively choose a niche that is aligned with the soul and purpose of your business you feel so connected that the rest feels easy!

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